TNPSC Answer Key 27-01-2016

TNPSC Answer Key 27-01-2016:

TNPSC Answer Key 27-01-2016, this shows the answer keys for the TNPSC Civil Service Examinations held on 27.01.2016...

1. Liquid helium can reduce the temperature of the coil in MRI equipment to around


2.  Which of the following statements is/are correct?

a.  A fuse wire is made of 37% lead and 63% tin

b. A fuse wire is made of 63% lead and 37% tin

c. A fuse wire has high resistance and low melting point

d. A fuse wire has low resistance and high melting point

a and c are correct statements

3. Which is the world's largest desert?


4. Which of the following excretory products are sent out as urine by kidneys in humanbeings?

Urea, uric acid, creatinine

5. Green Revolution increases the food grains production in

Rice and wheat

6. Two taps can fill a tank in 30 minutes and 40 minutes. Another tap can empty it in 24 minutes. If the tank is empty and all the three taps are kept open, in how much time the tank will be filled?

1 hour

7. 40% of 1640 + ? = 35% of 980 + 150% of 850


8. Which article of the constitution grants rights to minorities to establish educational institutions?


9. The greatest number of 4 digits which is divisible by 20, 25, 40 and 75 is


10. In a village of 1,21,000 people, the ratio of men to women is 6:5. The number of men


11. Find out the wrong number in the sequence 156, 168,  182, 208


12. Find the next number in the following series 5,10,13,26,29


13. The product of three number with the ratio 1:2:3 is 750 then the sum of their squares is


14. The total surface area of a  solid hemis.pbere of a diameter 2 cm is equal to

3 pi cm^2

15. The radius and height of cylinder and cone are equal. If the volume of cylinder is 120 ems, then the volume of cone is

40 cm^3

16. The President of India is elected indirectly by an electoral college. Which of the follm.1g members are not included in electoral college?

Elected members of Assemblies in Union Territories

17. The election of the judges by the legislature is seen in the country of


18. Who was the Indian President in between 1967 -69?

Dr. Zak.hir Hussain

19. Which is the official language of Indian Government?


20. In which amendment unity and integrity of the nation has been added in the preamble of the Indian Constitution?

42nd Amendment

21. According to Dr. Ambedkar, which Article is "the heart and soul of the whole constitution"?

Article 32

22. Speed, Safety and Connectivity (time save) are the three objectives of

Golden Quadrilateral Super Highways 

23. The Swadeshi steam navigation company was launched by

V.O. Chidambaram

24. Which industry is called mother industry?

Iron and Steel industry

25. Agriculture production means

The ratio between input and output

26. Poverty has been defined as

Lack of adequate income

27. Among the following which didn't refers the Sangam king's court?


28. 'Johanesburg 2002 United Nations' Conference was on

Sustainable development

29. Indian radio broad casting, which was started?


30. The average ocean salinity is

35 grams per kilogram

31. Polyspermy is avoided by the formation of----membrane around the ovum.

Fertilisation membrane

32. In an accident a person suffered a serious head injury. What immediate investigative method the doctor might prescribe to assess the dlimage?

CT scan

33. The smallest and the largest white blood corpuscles are

Lymphocyte and Monocyte

34. Rain drop starts to fall down when the velocity of the drop is

greater than terminal velocity

35. .Arrange the following element in the order of their increasing atomic weight. Na, C, Al, P

C, Na, Al, P

36. Which are the common methods involved in the desalination of ocean water?

Evaporation and recondensation

37. Bioplastics are obtained from

Corn starch, potatoes, vegetable fats and oils

38. Which one of the following is the hardest substance in our body?

Enamel coating of teeth

39. Which one of the following cities is "First Corporation of India"?

Madras (Chennai)

40. Which one of the following teest is used to identify AIDS?


41. Which system is adapted to elect the President of India?

Secret Ballot

42. Supreme Court Judges retire at the age of


43. Where is situated the Indian Election Commission?

New Delhi

44. How many members are elected to the Rajya Sabha?


45. Who among the following Tamil celebrities has been nominated as an ambassador for "Swachh Bharath" by Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

Kamal Hasan

46. What will be the difference between simple and compound interest at 10% per annt!; on a sum of Rs.1,000 after 4 years?


47. A sum of money triples itself at 8% per annum over a certain time. Find the no. of years

25 years 

48. f the population of a village is 50,000, 40% of them are men, 20% of them are chilcmm and

the rest are women. Then the number of women =


49. The odd man out in the following :

1, 125, 8, 216, 1000,343, 729, lOOis


50. If P = 9 then the value of P(P2 + 3P + 3) is equal to


51. Who appoints the state election commissioner?


52. "Physiocrates" mean's

Rule of nature

53. One of the objectives of Eleventh Five Year Plan is given below. Choose it correctly

To reduce the dropout rate in primary schools or education

54. Who is the father of political science? 


55. Which of the following journal was  founded by Periyar E. V.R.?

Kudiarasu, Viduthalai, Puratchi

56. When was changed the official name of the state from Madras to "Tamizhagam" or

"Tamizhaga Arasu"?

1967 April 16

57. Who said “Man is a social animal”?


57. Once puberty is reached sperms are manufacturecl continuously in the two testes each day.

125 million

58. Bahmani king Alauddin Bahman Shah was also called as


59. How many minor and medium ports located in India?


60. The district which has the lowest density of population is


61. When will started State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu?


62. The world environmental day is celebrated on

June 5th

63.  Which is called the "Power house of the cell"?


64. Since puberty is reached sperms are manufacturecl continuously in the two testes each day.

 125 million

65. Which one  is a fungicide?

Bordeaux mixture



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