SSC CGL Exam preparation Tips

SSC CGL Exam preparation Tips:

SSC CGL Exam Preparation Tips

When you start thinking about preparing for SSC CGL, the question that arises in your mind is “How to prepare for SSC CGL exam” or “How to study for SSC CGL”  You must be curious to get proper study plan.

You might be searching it on social media. You may find a lot of strategy for preparing SSC CGL on Facebook, but not all of them will work if you follow. You need a perfect SSC CGL material or SSC CGL coaching for SSC CGL 2017 preparation.

SSC CGL is one of the most popular exams among graduates in India. Along with being popular, SSC CGL is one of the most difficult exams. A large number of aspirants appear for the exam seeking it as their dream job, which makes the exam very difficult to crack.

As SSC CGL is approaching, now you all have the right time to get ready for the smart SSC CGL Exam preparation. Here we are helping you with the strategy to complete your preparation for the examination within the remaining days that is just two months. Make sure you follow the advice seriously, as you don’t have time to waste.

Know all about the Syllabus & Pattern

Before you start making any strategy for the exam, it is a must that you are well aware of syllabus and pattern of the exam. It will give you a wise perception of the paper that you are appearing for and to decide study plan for the exam.

Because only after knowing the entire syllabus, you will look for SSC CGL book or study material for SSC CGL.

Here, we are discussing the SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam. So let’s have a look on the Syllabus and Pattern of Tier - 1. The SSC CGL Syllabus mainly include SSC CGL GK, SSC CGL English, SSC CGL Maths and General Knowledge for SSC CGL.

The Exam Pattern of the Tier 1 Exam can be understood as follows:



Maximum Marks




General Intelligence & Reasoning



One Hour


General Awareness




Quantitative Aptitude




English Comprehension



Points to be kept in mind

1.       The CGL Tier 1 exam will be an online test.

2.       There will be negative marking of 0.50 marks for every wrong answer attempted by you.

3.       The cutoff for the exam is overall and not section wise.

Analyze and make study plan

After getting all the details about the Exam, you should analyze the topics in which you are strong or weak. The topics in which you are weak needs more attention and time for preparation.

Section                                Time to spend daily

Quantitative Ability                       4 hours

Reasoning Ability                          2 hours

English Language                         2 hours

General Awareness                      2 hours

Total Time                                    10 hours

We will help you with section wise preparation strategy and study plan with important points and topics, and all the important SSC CGL Notification to make your preparations easy.

1. Quantitative Ability:

This section is the most difficult section and also very important. Preparing SSC CGL Maths needs a lot of concentration as well as more time.

Tips: -

1.       You should practice all variety of questions.

2.       Learn more tables. It will help you in solving questions with a good speed.

3.       While preparing, use short tricks to solve the questions.

Most important topics that you need to focus more are:

·         Algebra

·         Geometry

·         Coordinate Geometry

·         Trigonometry and Mensuration

2. Reasoning Ability:

You all know that Reasoning Test is conducted to examine the candidate’s mental ability. This section will consume more time and needs a lot of practice.

Tips: -

1.       No exact formulas are there to solve the questions, all you need to do is, solve them with patience with logical thinking.

2.       Practice daily.

3.       Simply use your common sense to solve the puzzles.

4.       Make your own formulas to solve questions.

5.       While answering the questions related to statement and assumptions, try to solve them imagining you as a mature person.

You should focus more on topics like:

·         Syllogism, Analogy

·         Odd man out

·         Number Series

·         Venn diagram

·         Non-verbal reasoning

3. English Language:

The English language section is the most scoring section in your paper. This section is not only important but also very difficult for aspirants to crack. You have to do a lot of smart work to score well in English for SSC CGL.

Tips: -

1.       You should work on improving your Grammar Part, as the paper is all based on English Grammar.

2.       You should practice reading a lot.

3.       Make reading your Daily habit.

4.       Read newspapers, magazines, good articles on daily basis.

5.       Apart from reading, you have to solve mock test papers.

6.       Topics to give more focus on are:

7.       Sentence Improvement

8.       reading comprehension

9.       Spotting Errors

10.   Synonym/Antonym

11.   one-word substitution

4. General Awareness:

General Awareness for SSC CGL 2017 is the most important section in the SSC CGL Exam. The SSC CGL GK section is also very lengthy in which if you prepare well, will result in good score consuming lesser time. You may get confusing options to select the correct answers.

You have to answer confidently. Make sure you answer only when you are 100% sure, as chances of negative marking are more in this section. Follow the tips given below to prepare GK for SSC CGL.

Tips: -

1.       Make it a habit to know what is happening in the world around you.

2.       Solve previous year papers.

3.       Stay updated with the daily news events and current affairs. You can take help from GK Eduwrap for this.

4.       Grab the complete knowledge of all the fields given below:

·         History

·         Geography

·         Polity

·         Economics

·         General Science

5. Manage Time:

Time management is the key to getting success in SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam.

You should learn to manage your time while solving previous papers. Keep in mind that you:

Set time before you start solving any paper.

Analyze what time you have consumed for solving it.

Make sure you solve it by keeping in mind the concept of negative marking.

While solving follow the strategy given below: -

·         Start with General Awareness section. Give 10 minutes for solving it. Don’t invest more than half minute on the same question. Because it’s GA and if you know the answer, you will select the correct answer in just one second.

·         Then solve the English Language Section. Give it 10 minutes.

·         Now you should solve Reasoning ability Section. This section can consume 15 minutes. But not more than that.

·         Now the last section is Quantitative Ability. You can allot 15 minutes to this section too.

·         Now you are remaining with last 10 minutes. You can now check your answers in the remaining time.

6. Revise what you have studied

If you are done with your preparation, then it’s just not all enough. You have to do the revision of all the topics you have studied.

Usually, students don’t get much time to revise, but this is the big mistake that usually students make. So for this, when you make study plan do the following things: –

·         Set some days in the last for revising the topics and subject matters.

·         Write down the important things that you need to revise, once you are done.

·         Make short notes.

·         Write important short tricks and formulas.

·         Write the important events you should remember.

7. Don’t lose confidence or oppress yourself:

The last thing you should be clear with is that:

·         In any case, there is no need to take the burden upon you.

·         While preparation it is very necessary that you are free in your mind.

·         You have to be happy and relaxed while preparation.

·         Because it will affect your memory status, your focus, and concentration to studies.

·         Eduncle Tips: How to boost your Memory Power

·         So stay relaxed and feel free.



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