BSNL JTO Exam Syllabus

BSNL JTO Exam Syllabus:

BSNL JTO Exam Syllabus

BSNL JTO – (Telecom) Syllabus

SECTION - I: 50 Questions

1) Materials and components, 2) Physical Electronics, Electron Devices and ICs, 3) Network theory, 4) Electromagnetic Theory, 5) Electronic Measurements and instrumentation, 6) Power Electronics

SECTION-II: 50 Questions

1) Analog Electronic Circuits, 2) Digital Electronic Circuits, 3) Control Systems, 4) Communication systems, 5) Microwave Engineering, 6) Computer Engineering, 7) Microprocessors

BSNL JTO – (Civil) Syllabus

SECTION - I: 50 Questions

1) Building Material, 2) Solid Mechanics, 3) Structural Analysis, 4) Design of Steel Structures, 5) Design of Concrete and Masonry Structures, 6) Construction Practice, Planning And Management.

SECTION - II: 50 Questions

1) (a) Fluid Mechanics, Open Channel, Pipe Flow (b) Hydraulic Machines And Hydropower

2) (a) Hydrology (b) Water Resources Engineering, Environment Engineering

3)(a)Water Supply Engineering, (b) Waste Water Engineering, (c) Solid Waste Management, (d) Air And Noise Pollution And Ecology.

4) (a) Soil Mechanics, (b) Foundation Engineering

5) (a) Surveying (b) Transportation Engineering

BSNL JTO – (Electrical) Syllabus

SECTION - I: 50 Questions

1) EM Theory, 2) Electrical Materials, 3) Electrical Circuits, 4) Measurements and Instrumentation, 5) Control System

SECTION - II: 50 Questions

1) Electrical Machines and Power Transformers, 2) Power systems, 3) Analog and Digital Electronics and Circuits, 4) Microprocessor, 5) Communication Systems, 6) Power Electronics

BSNL JTO General Ability Test Syllabus

General English, General Knowledge, Current Affairs/Events, Indian History, Geography Etc.



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