Telangana State TET Exam Preparation Tips

Telangana State TET Exam Preparation Tips:

Telangana State TET Exam Preparation Tips

TET is the most powerful word among the all Future Teachers. According to RTI Act, Central Government introduce TET for Teaching candidates. Now we give tips for preparing TET Exam to all interesting candidates.

 Understand Your Exam:

The first and foremost step is about getting a clear picture of pattern and syllabus of the exam we are sitting for. In this step you should understand the exam and also smart attention in to it. For instance, incase of Paper1, one should read 1-5th books, as well as 6th-8th book's which has to be covered for level of difficulty.  Similarly for Paper2, one should cover 6th-10th book's as well as 11th,12th book's,  which is supposed to covered for level of difficulty!!! One must realize that no exam is so easy that you can clear it without proper understanding of the syllabus or subjects.

Do Sting Operation:

Doing sting operation is also the best part of preparing for any exams. Starting with the fundamentals will always help u in many ways, it's the foundation of success.  Sting operation covers the analyses of exams of previous year, its syllabus and question pattern,  etc..

Know Your Plus And Minus:

We should be clear at our strengths and weaknesses for any exam preparations. Polish your strengths and try to make them more perfect.  Work on the areas need to be overcome and improve in weak points.  At the same time, make sure that your strengths and plus points were utilized. Fill your minds with words and thoughts that are motivating,  say - "I can" or "Iam going to do it". Work on the  tricks to avoid the threats.

Choose Right Study Materials:

       Make sure you have the right kind of book's and study aids for preparing.  Always prefer to study latest and updated study materials.  For eligibility exams, ensure that your study materials have enough sample tests and mock tests, which will help you to self check where you stand in terms of preparation and thereby u can improve as well.

Time Management:

            Everyone has only 24 hours  in a day, it’s very few who make proper use of these 24hours with perfect planning.  A perfect time management will definitely increase the probability of success in any exam. Make a timetable, work out a plan and execute it sincerely. Distribute equal time to each subject and make sure you complete it within stipulated time. Aspirants must ensure that they cover all the subjects and topics accordingly.

Practice,  Practice,  Practice!!!

        Practice makes a man perfect.  Practice everyday,  it’s the only way to excel the exam. The more practice you have, the better equipped you are. The exams, as you know, are always unpredictable!!!!!! So your practice should be thoughtful and intelligent - not mechanical!!



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