Computer Questions and Answers



    46) What is MP3?

  • A)A mouse
  • B)A printer

  • C)A sound format
  • D)A scanner
Answer: C

    47) All the deleted files go to

  • A)Recycle Bin
  • B)Task Bar
  • C)Tool Bar
  • D)My Computer
Answer: A

    48) --------------is the act of copying or downloading a program from a network and making multiple copies of it.

  • A)Network piracy
  • B)Plagiarism
  • C)Software piracy
  • D)Site-license piracy
Answer: C

    49) A directory within a directory is called a _______

  • A)Mini Directory
  • B)Junior Directory
  • C)Part Directory
  • D)Sub Directory
Answer: D

    50) Which is the best definition of a software package?

  • A)An add-on for your computer such as additional memory
  • B)A set of computer programs used for a certain function such as word processing
  • C)A protection you can buy for a computer
  • D)The box, manual and licence agreement that accompany commercial software
Answer: B