Indian Geography Questions and Answers

General Knowledge

Indian Geography

    46) Which of the following crops needs maximum water per hectare?

  • A)Barley
  • B)Maize
  • C)Sugarcane
  • D)Wheat
Answer: C

    47) The watershed between India and Myanmar is formed by

  • A)the Naga hills
  • B)the Garo hills
  • C)Khasi hills
  • D)the Jaintia hills
Answer: A

    48) The originating in the Himalayan mountain complex consists of how many distinct drainage systems of the Indian Subcontinent?

  • A)Two
  • B)Three
  • C)Four
  • D)Five
Answer: B

    49) The percentage of India's total population employed in agriculture is nearly

  • A)40%
  • B)50%
  • C)60%
  • D)70%
Answer: D

    50) Which of the following important rivers of India does not originate from the Western Ghats?

  • A)Cauvery
  • B)Godavari
  • C)Krishna
  • D)Mahanadi
Answer: D