June Questions and Answers

Current Affairs


    46) China has blasted off a 23rd satellite from the Xichang Satellite Launch Centre in southwest China’s Sichuan Province. Name the satellite.

  • A)BeiDou Navigation Satellite
  • B)ZiuDou Navigation Satellite
  • C)MieuDou Navigation Satellite
  • D)DeiZou Navigation Satellite
Answer: A

    47) China’s first high orbit remote sensing satellite became operational after six months in orbit testing. Name the satellite?

  • A)Gaofen-1
  • B)Gaofen-2
  • C)Gaofen-4
  • D)Gaofen-3
Answer: C

    48) Hyderabad based SKS Micro-finance has changed its name to _____________ which is the only listed company on BSE in the Micro Financing space.

  • A)Bharat Finance Ltd
  • B)Bharat Finance Inclusion Ltd
  • C)Bharat Financial Inclusion Ltd
  • D)Bharatam Finance Inclusion Ltd
Answer: C


    A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are eight persons working in three different departments viz. Operations, Sales adn Finance of an organisation with at least two and not more three in any department. They are In three different scales viz. I,II  and III with at least two in any one scale.

    Both the employees in Operations departments are in Scale II. D works in Sales department and belongs to Scale I. A works in Finance departments and does not belong to Scale I. Two employees in Sales department belong to one scale. F works with only H in one of the departments. C works with E in one of the departments. B does not work with either C or A in the same department. G docs not belong to Scale III. E does not belong to Scale I.Which of the following combinations is correct ?

  • A)Operation-F-I
  • B)Operation - H - III
  • C)Sales - B - II
  • D)Finance - E - III
Answer: D

    50) The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is headquartered at?

  • A)Montreal, Canada
  • B)

    Paris, France

  • C)

     Berlin, Germany

  • D)

    Seoul, South Korea

Answer: A