June Questions and Answers

Current Affairs


    71) Which language film has won the Best Film and Best Script Writers Award at the 19th Shanghai International Film Festival in Shanghai?

  • A)Telugu
  • B)Kannada
  • C)Tamil

  • D)Hindi
Answer: B

    72) The Two Day conference named Rajswa Gyansangam is annual Conference of Tax Administrators- 2016 held in _____________to mark a new height in the generation of innovative ideas

  • A)Mumbai
  • B)Chennai
  • C)New Delhi
  • D)Kolkata
Answer: C

    73) Foreign Secretary visited which country to gain support for India to enter into the Nuclear Suppliers Group as Member?

  • A)Japan
  • B)United States
  • C)United Kingdom
  • D)China
Answer: D

    74) Union Government gave its final approval for setting up of a Greenfield Electronic Park in which State to provide employment potential?

  • A)Bihar
  • B)Odisha
  • C)Jharkhand
  • D)Assam
Answer: B

    75) How many Universities to hold Yoga Departments announced by Human Resource Development Minister during National Seminar on Yoga?

  • A)Five
  • B)Four
  • C)Seven
  • D)Six
Answer: D