June Questions and Answers

Current Affairs


    76) Union Government decided to form how many coastal police stations in the Coastal states of the country with jurisdiction over Exclusive Economic Zone?

  • A)9
  • B)8
  • C)10
  • D)6
Answer: C

    77) Union Tourism minister Dr. Mahesh Sharma inaugurated the Ganges-Danube Cultural Festival of India at Vigado Theatre in which Country?

  • A)Norway
  • B)Holland
  • C)Hungary
  • D)Namibia
Answer: C

    78) Thailand Prime Minister Chan-o-cha made visit to India and arrived in New Delhi starting from 16th June to enhance bilateral cooperation in which following fields?

  • A)Defence
  • B)Security
  • C)Trade and Investment
  • D)All the Above
Answer: D

    79) Indian President has been conferred with the highest national honour of the Grande Croix Commandeur by Which country?

  • A)Ghana
  • B)Cote D’Ivoire
  • C)Namibia
  • D)Qatar
Answer: B

    80) Which country gave assurance to supply the Uranium legally to use the nuclear energy peacefully?

  • A)Namibia
  • B)Sri Lanka
  • C)Argentina
  • D)Russia
Answer: A