June Questions and Answers

Current Affairs


    6) Kerala’s Ruling LDF candidate and two times Legislator P Sree ramakrishnan was elected as ___________________ of the 14th Assembly of the state.

  • A)Welfare Minister
  • B)Chief Minister
  • C)Speaker
  • D)Deputy Chief Minister
Answer: C

    7) Qatar based Doha Bank’s CEO Dr. R Seetharaman has been honoured with which award for his contribution in environment-friendly activities?

  • A)Green Economy Agriculture
  • B)Agri Economy Visionary
  • C)White Revolution Visionary
  • D)Green Economy Visionary
Answer: D

    8) India’s Fourth Largest Private sector general Insurer HDFC ERGO acquired which insurance in all Cash agreement worth of Rs. 551 Crore?

  • A)Reliance
  • B)Tata AIG
  • C)L&T General Insurance
  • D)ICICI Prudential
Answer: C

    9) TATA Trusts signed with State Government on implementing interventions in healthcare areas like nutrition, mental health and cancer care?

  • A)Bihar
  • B)UP
  • C)MP
  • D)Uttarakhand
Answer: C

    10) India Joined in Hague Code of Conduct in opposition to which Missile proliferation was apprised by HCoC Central Contact?

  • A)Nuclear
  • B)Sub Marine
  • C)Ballistic
  • D)Atom Bomb
Answer: C