June Questions and Answers

Current Affairs


    101) National Aquarium in Baltimore decided to create an Ocean side first sanctuary for Bottle Nose dolphins in which continent?

  • A)Asia
  • B)Africa
  • C)Australia
  • D)North America
Answer: D

    102) Which country has launched the Nuclear-powered icebreaker Ship named Arktika, is the largest and most powerful vessel of the type in the world?

  • A)China
  • B)Russia
  • C)India
  • D)United States
Answer: B

    103) Who has been appointed as the American Ambassador to Malaysia by US President Barack Obama after succession of Joseph Y Yun?

  • A)Kamala ShirinLakhdhir
  • B)Kamalini Mukherjee
  • C)Kamala Shrinivasan
  • D)Kamalnath ShirinLakhdhir
Answer: A

    104) As revealed by JayantSinha, Minister of State for Finance ,there were 7,686 wilful defaulters owing around how much amount to state-owned banks as of December 2015?

  • A)Rs 28,000 cr
  • B)Rs 33,000 cr
  • C)Rs 55,000 cr
  • D)Rs 66,000 cr
Answer: D

    105) The annual meeting of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) was held recently in which city?

  • A)

    New Delhi

  • B)Tokyo
  • C)Manila
  • D)Frankfurt
Answer: D