June Questions and Answers

Current Affairs


    116) Which of the following country will not provide F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan on subsidized rate?

  • A)UK
  • B)China
  • C)USA
  • D)UAE
Answer: C


    In a first for any state in India, which state government launched a web-based application ‘Adi Praman’ that will enable tribals to get caste validity certificates online?

  • A) Kerala
  • B)Maharashtra
  • C)Bihar
  • D)


Answer: B


    The Centre’s ambitious National LED programme - Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LEDs for All (UJALA) - will be implemented across the country by?

  • A)2030
  • B)2019
  • C)2035
  • D)2025
Answer: B


    As per the latest data disclosed by the govt for assessment year 2012-13, taxpayers account for about what per cent of India’s population?

  • A)1%
  • B)2%
  • C)2.5%
  • D)3%
Answer: A