June Questions and Answers

Current Affairs


    11) Which State/UT joined with HCOC for elevating India’s membership application towards desire Missile Technology Control Regime?

  • A)Maharashtra
  • B)Odisha
  • C)Goa
  • D)Delhi
Answer: D

    12) Which Institute researcher revealed the Period of Indus Valley Civilization and explained the collapse of Harappan Culture?

  • A)IIT Bombay
  • B)IIT Madras
  • C)IIT Kharagpur
  • D)IIT Indore
Answer: C

    13) Which country holds best country in World and named as the Good Country 2015 Index due to Good Charitable Service and Volunteer service?

  • A)Denmark
  • B)Netherland
  • C)India
  • D)Sweden
Answer: D

    14) Professional Boxer Muhammad Ali passed away after a 32 year battle with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 74 years old. He belongs to which country?

  • A)China
  • B)United States
  • C)Japan
  • D)Malaysia
Answer: B

    15) The Indian licensing body for professional boxers Indian Boxing Council (IBC) has been officially granted affiliation by which Council?

  • A)Commonwealth Boxing Council
  • B)International Boxing Council
  • C)National Boxing Council
  • D)Commonnation Boxing Council
Answer: A