June Questions and Answers

Current Affairs


    16) Harvard University Scientist developed the bionic Leaf to create what type of fuel using Sunlight to split water molecules?

  • A)Gas Fuel
  • B)Carbon Fuel
  • C)Petroleum Fuel
  • D)Liquid Fuel
Answer: D

    17) Which Hospital has became the first hospital to implant world’s smallest pacemaker in 92 year old patient?

  • A)Global
  • B)Ramachandra
  • C)Medanta Medicity
  • D)AIIMS, Bhubaneshwar
Answer: C

    18) Using the Satellite-based method, NASA scientists have located 39 unreported and major human-made sources of toxic ______________emissions.

  • A)Methane
  • B)Nitrous Oxide
  • C)Sulphur di oxide
  • D)Carbon Monoxide
Answer: C

    19) Which Revenue Minister resigned after an alleged over a string of Corruption charges, including a questionable land deal?

  • A)Bihar
  • B)Odisha
  • C)Uttar Pradesh
  • D)Maharashtra
Answer: D

    20) Who has been elected as the Speaker of 15th Tamilnadu Legislative Assembly?

  • A)Thambidurai
  • B)P Dhanapal
  • C)V Jayaraman
  • E)Markendayan
Answer: B