June Questions and Answers

Current Affairs


    21) The World Day against Child Labour is being observed every year on which date to foster the worldwide movement against child labour?

  • A)June 11th
  • B)June 12th
  • C)June 14th
  • D)June 13th
Answer: B

    22) The theme of the World Day against Child Labour for the year 2016 is_______________

  • A)End Child Labour in India – It’s everyone’s business
  • B)End Child Labour around the world – It’s everyone’s business
  • C)End Child Labour in Supply chains – It’s everyone’s business
  • D)End Child Labour in Transport – It’s everyone’s business
Answer: C

    23) Achyut Lakhar has passed away in Assam at the age of 85 years old. He belonged to which field?

  • A)Cinema
  • B)Journalism
  • C)Politics
  • D)Sports
Answer: A

    24) Jamaican Sprinter Usain Bold won the 100m race in how many seconds is the second fastest time in the world in 2016 at the National Stadium in Jamaica?

  • A)9.87
  • B)9.86
  • C)9.85
  • D)9.88
Answer: D

    25) Who has won the Australian Open title against Sun Yu of China in Sydney?

  • A)Saina Nehwal
  • B)Nitya Krishinda Maheswari
  • C)BaoYixin
  • D)Qingchen
Answer: A