June Questions and Answers

Current Affairs


    26) Who has been appointed as the Speaker of the 14th Puducherry legislative Assembly and the elections held in May, 2016?

  • A)Malladi Krishan Rao
  • B)Namassivayam
  • C)Narayanasamy
  • D)Vaithilingam
Answer: D

    27) Who has been appointed as a part time member of the 21st Law Commission of India?

  • A)Satya Pal Jain
  • B)Kumar Singh
  • C)Akshay Kumar

  • D)Mahindra Pal Jain
Answer: A

    28) Who is the chairman of the 21st Law Commission of India framed on September 2015?

  • A)Ravi R. Tripathi
  • B)Bimal N. Patel
  • C)Balbir Singh Chauhan
  • D)Satya Pal Jain
Answer: C

    29) Which company has acquired renewable energy company Welspun Renewables Energy Pvt. Ltd with worth of Rs. 9,249 Crore?

  • A)Reliance Industries Limited
  • B)Adani Group
  • C)Tata Power Ltd
  • D)None of the above
Answer: C

    30) Which State become India’s first state to launch open Government data portal to update data regarding organic and Agricultural activities?

  • A)Manipur
  • B)Delhi
  • C)Meghalaya
  • D)Sikkim
Answer: D