June Questions and Answers

Current Affairs


    31) Which State Chief Minister initiated the special commission to protect against the Child Labour named as Child Labour Tracking System?

  • A)Gujarat
  • B)Karnataka
  • C)Kerala
  • D)Bihar
Answer: D

    32) United Nations observed Albinism Awareness Day every year on which date to raise public awareness of Albinism?

  • A)June 11th
  • B)June 12th
  • C)June 13th
  • D)June 14th
Answer: C

    33) Former England captain and Derbyshire batsman has been passed away at the age of 89. Who is he?

  • A)Donald Rousdie
  • B)Donald Carr
  • C)Ronald Carr
  • D)Madonna Carr
Answer: B

    34) The Sport’s governing body Association Mundial de Futsal invited which country to participate in the Under 17 Futsal World Cup to be held at July 2016?

  • A)New Zealand
  • B)India
  • C)England
  • D)Sri Lanka
Answer: B

    35) Who has won gold by defeating Spain by 13-9 at the FINA women Water Polo World League Super Final in Shanghai, China?

  • A)USA
  • B)Spain
  • C)New Zealand
  • D)Denmark
Answer: A