June Questions and Answers

Current Affairs


    41) Which company has acquired the professional Social platform LinkedIn for $196 per share with value of $26.2 billion?

  • A)Facebook
  • B)Microsoft
  • C)Whatsapp
  • D)Google
Answer: B

    42) Gujarat Government is set to launch the mobile app ____________ by August 15 to put most of the services on the fingertips of citizen.

  • A)Digi State
  • B)Digital Guj
  • C)Digital Gujarat
  • D)Dig Guj
Answer: C

    43) Kheer Bhawani festival is being celebrated every year on the eighth day of the lunar fortnight of Jaishtha Month in which state?

  • A)Chattishgarh
  • B)Uttarakhand
  • C)Jammu & Kashmir
  • D)Himachal Pradesh
Answer: C

    44) Which country announced a complete ban on deforestation, with its first country to put a zero deforestation policy?

  • A)Sweden
  • B)Bhutan
  • C)France
  • D)Norway
Answer: D

    45) India accorded to provide financial grant of Rs. 48.84 million to which country for the construction of a college?

  • A)Bhutan
  • B)Nepal
  • C)Afghanistan
  • D)None of the these
Answer: B