Marketing Questions and Answers

Banking Awareness


    1) Which among the following is oldest variable of market segmentation?

  • A)Geography
  • B)Demography
  • C)Psychography
  • D)General Lifestyle
Answer: A

    2) Which among the following helps a marketer to help the product occupy a distinct and valued place in the target customer\'s mind? 

  • A)Pricing
  • B)Promotion
  • C)Positioning
  • D)Advertisement
Answer: C


    \"Terms & Conditions\" is a sub element of which of the 4Ps of marketing?

  • A)Product
  • B)Price
  • C) Place
  • D)Promotion
Answer: B

    4) Which among the following provides \"core benefits\" ? 

  • A)

    Generic product

  • B)Expected product
  • C)

    Augmented product

  • D)Potential Product
Answer: A

    5) Which among the following is not a quality of Banking Service? 

  • A)Intangible
  • B)perishable
  • C)inseparable
  • D)


Answer: D