Marketing Questions and Answers

Banking Awareness


    11) Which among the following does not come under \"packaging\"?

  • A)Containers
  • B)Wrappers
  • C)Bottles
  • D)

    Instructions for use

Answer: D

    12) Date of Production, Date of expiry, precautions, legal warnings etc. come under which of the following?

  • A)Social Stigma
  • B)Labeling
  • C)Advertising
  • D)Packaging
Answer: B

    13) In which of the following departments the information from Marketing Department flows directly to ?

  • A)Production Department
  • B)Purchase Department
  • C)Human Resource Department
  • D)Production and Purchase Department
Answer: D


    Which among the following is ultimate outcome of \"Increase in Sales\" ?

  • A)

    Sales price

  • B)

    Purchase Price

  • C)Total Cost
  • D)National Income
Answer: D

    15) Which among the following is the ultimate aim of \"Relationship Marketing\"?

  • A)Increased Sales
  • B)Increased Profits
  • C)Increased number of customers
  • D)Increased Cross Selling
Answer: D