Percentage Questions and Answers

General Aptitude


    1)  A candidate appearing for an examination has to secure 35% marks to pass.  But he secured only 40 marks and failed by 30 marks.  What would be the maximum marks of test ?

  • A)280    
  • B)180
  • C)2001
  • D)150
Answer: C


    The value of which of the following fractions is less than twenty per cent?

  • A)5/6
  • B)2/3
  • C)2/11
  • D)2/5
Answer: C


    Twenty per cent of Anujs annual salary is equal to seventy five per cent of Raj’s annual salary.  Raj’s monthly salary is 60% of Ravi’s monthly salary.  If Ravi’s annual salary is Rs. 1.44 lacs, what is Anuj’s  monthly salary?

  • A)Rs.2,70,000
  • B)Rs.27000
  • C)Rs.270890
  • D)Rs.270670
Answer: B


    In a test, minimum passing percentage for girls and boys is 35% and 40% respectively.  A boy scored 483 marks and failed by 117 marks.  What are the minimum passing marks for girls?

  • A)Rs.20000
  • B)Rs.24000
  • C)Rs.30000
  • D)None of these
Answer: D


    Twelve percent of kaushal’s monthly salary is equal to sixteen percent of Nandhini’s monthly salary. Suresh’s monthly salary is half that of  Nandhini’s monthly salary. If Suresh’s annual salary is Rs 1.08 lacs, what is kaushal’s monthly salary?

  • A)Rs.20000
  • B)Rs.18000
  • C)Rs.26000
  • D)None of these
Answer: D