Ratio Proporation Questions and Answers

General Aptitude



    The age of father is three times the age of his son at present. Four years hence the ratio between the ages of father and son

    becomes 13 : 5 respectively.  What is the present age of father?

  • A)48 years
  • B)50 years
  • C)46 years
  • D)44 years
Answer: A


    In a garden, the ratio of the number of coconut trees to that of mango trees is 5 : 6 respectively.  If the total number of trees is 121, then how many coconut trees are there in the garden?

  • A)50
  • B)45
  • C)56
  • D)55
Answer: D

    3) The average age of Ram, Hari and Gopa is 42 years.  If their ages are in the ratio of 2 : 3 : 4 respectively.  What is the age of Hari in years?

  • A)28
  • B)42
  • C)45
  • D)23
Answer: B


    The ratio of girls and boys in a school is 3 :7.  The number of boys is more by 400 than that of girls?  What is the number of boys in  the school?

  • A)300
  • B)700
  • C)100
  • D)500
Answer: B

    5) The ratio of the present age of Sunita and Vinita is 4 : 5.  Six years hence the ratio of their ages will be 14 : 17.  What will be the ratio of their ages 12 years hence?

  • A)15:19
  • B)13:15
  • C)16:19
  • D)17:19
Answer: C