Blood Relation Test Questions and Answers

Verbal Reasoning

Blood Relation Test


    Amit said - "This girl is the wife of the grandson of my mother". How is Amit related to the girl?

  • A)Brother
  • B)Grandfather
  • C)Husband
  • D)Father-in-law
Answer: D


    A and B are children of D. Who is the father of A? To answer this question which of the statements (1) and (2) is necessary? 

    1. C is the brother of A and the son of E.

    2. F is the mother B.

  • A)Only (1)
  • B)Only (2)
  • C)Either (1) or (2)
  • D)(1) and (2) both
Answer: B


    Pointing towards a man, a woman said, "His mother is the only daughter of my mother." How is the woman related to the man?

  • A)Mother
  • B)Grandmother
  • C)Sister
  • D)Daughter
Answer: A


    If P $ Q means P is the brother of Q; P # Q means P is the mother of Q; P * Q means P is the daughter of Q in A # B $ C * D, who is the father?

  • A)D
  • B)B
  • C)C
  • D)Data is inadequate
Answer: A


    Introducing Sonia, Aamir says, "She is the wife of only nephew of only brother of my mother." How Sonia is related to Aamir?

  • A)Wife
  • B)Sister
  • C)Sister-in-law
  • D)Data is inadequate
Answer: A