Books and Authors Questions and Answers

General Knowledge

Books and Authors Questions and Answers


    Aurobindo was the author of

  • A)Discovery of India
  • B)Hindu view of life
  • C)Yogashastra
  • D)Savitri
Answer: D


    Which of the following is a biography of the Lady Mountbatten?

  • A)Edwina Mountbatten - A Life of Her Own.
  • B)Edwina Mountbatten - Her relationship with Nehru
  • C)Mountbatten
  • D)Edwina Mountbattten
Answer: A


    In which year was the 'All India Radio' set up?

  • A)1936
  • B)1927
  • C)1947
  • D)1950
Answer: A


    Who directed the film 'Sardar'?

  • A)Das Gupta
  • B)Shyam Benegal
  • C)Tapan Sinha
  • D)Ketan Mehta
Answer: D


    Who said "God helps those who help themselves"?

  • A)Andre Maurois
  • B)Andre Gide
  • C)Algernon Sidney
  • D)Swami Vivekananda
Answer: C