Books and Authors Questions and Answers

General Knowledge

Books and Authors Questions and Answers


    The programme 'Gyan Vani' is broadcasted by

  • A)Zee TV
  • B)AIR
  • C)Sony TV
  • D)Doordarshan
Answer: B


    Who is the author of the book 'My Experiments with Truth'?

  • A)Mahatma Gandhi
  • B)Michael Anderson
  • C)Winston Churchill
  • D)Jarnes Morris
Answer: A


    Who is the writer of 'Swamy and Friends'?

  • A)Munshi Premchand
  • B)Raman
  • C)Max Muller
  • D)R. K. Narayan
Answer: D


    'The Naked Face', a very popular book is written by

  • A)Dominique Lapierre
  • B)Larry Collins
  • C)Sidney Sheldon
  • D)Juan Benet
Answer: C


    The author of controversial book 'Lajja' is a citizen of

  • A)Pakistan
  • B)Indonesia
  • C)Bangladesh
  • D)India
Answer: C