General Science Questions and Answers

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General Science Questions and Answers

    121) Gypsum is added to cement clinker to

  • A)increase the tensile strength of cement
  • B)decrease the rate of setting of cement
  • C)facilitate the formation of colloidal gel
  • D)bind the particles of calcium silicate
Answer: B

    122) Soap is a mixture of sodium or potassium salts of

  • A)dicarboxylic acids
  • B)monocarboxylic acids
  • C)glycerol
  • D)tricarboxylic acids
Answer: B

    123) The type of glass used in making lenses and prisms is

  • A)jena glass
  • B)soft glass
  • C)pyrex glass
  • D)flint glass
Answer: D

    124) Which one of the following is the petroleum wax?

  • A)Paraffin wax
  • B)Jonoba wax
  • C)Carnauba wax
  • D)Bees wax
Answer: A