Problems on Trains Questions and Answers

General Aptitude

Direction : What should come in place of question mark (?) in the following questions ?

    16) A train 800 metres long is running at a speed of 78 km/hr. If it crosses a tunnel in 1 minute, then the length of the tunnel (in meters) is:

  • A)130
  • B)360
  • C)500
  • D)540
Answer: C

    17) A 300 metre long train crosses a platform in 39 seconds while it crosses a signal pole in 18 seconds. What is the length of the platform?

  • A)320 m
  • B)350 m
  • C)650 m
  • D)Data inadequate
Answer: B

    18) A train speeds past a pole in 15 seconds and a platform 100 m long in 25 seconds. Its length is:

  • A)50 m
  • B)150 m
  • C)200 m
  • D)Data inadequate
Answer: B

    19) A train moves past a telegraph post and a bridge 264 m long in 8 seconds and 20 seconds respectively. What is the speed of the train?

  • A)69.5 km/hr
  • B)70 km/hr
  • C)79 km/hr
  • D)79.2 km/hr
Answer: D

    20) How many seconds will a 500 metre long train take to cross a man walking with a speed of 3 km/hr in the direction of the moving train if the speed of the train is 63 km/hr?

  • A)25
  • B)30
  • C)40
  • D)45
Answer: B