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Sports Questions and Answers


    What do African-American football players Ernie Davis, Archie Griffin, and Tony Dorsett have in common?

  • A)They all played for Pittsburgh
  • B)They all won the Heisman Trophy
  • C)They all led to Super Bowl titles
  • D)They dont have any similarity
Answer: B


    Which cricketer died on the field in Bangladesh while playing for Abahani Club?

  • A)Subhash Gupte
  • B)M.L.Jaisimha
  • C)Lala Amarnath
  • D)Raman Lamba
Answer: D


    Which of the following is a Manipuri version of Hockey?

  • A)Khong Kangjei
  • B)Hiyang Tanaba
  • C)Yubi Lakpi
  • D)None of above
Answer: A


    Which county did Javagal Srinath sign for in 2003?

  • A)Surrey
  • B)Durham
  • C)Sussex
  • D)Essex
Answer: B


    Which county did Sachin Tendulkar play for?

  • A)Nottinghamshire
  • B)Yorkshire
  • C)Lancashire
  • D)Leicestershire
Answer: B