TNPSC High Court Exam Answer Keys on 2014 – Part 2

TNPSC High Court Exam Answer Keys on 2014 – Part 2

1. The Central Administrative Tribunals were set up the recommendations of :

A) The Ministry of Law and Justice            B) The Indian law Commission

C) The Sarkaria Commission                          D) The Administrative Reforms Commission

Ans :  C) The Sarkaria Commission

2. Consider the following statement :

1. Rafael Nadal won men singles French open tennis tournament 2013.

2. This is Nadal’s maiden French open title.

Which of the statement given above is / are correct ?

A) 1 only                          B) 2 only                      C) both 1 and 2                        D) neither 1 nor 2

Ans :  C) both 1 and 2  

3. Which one of the following term is not related to the option “NOTA” in the voting system ?

A) Against all                          B) Negative vote                       C) Disapproval of all candidates                          D) Invalid vote

Ans :  A) Against all

4. Name the satellite envisaged to launch four tonne class of satellite into geo synchronous transfer orbit :

I) GSAT -2                   II) GSLV – MK III            III) EDUSAT              IV) INSAT – 4 CR

A) I only                       B) II only                   C) II and III only                        D) IV only

Ans :    B) II only

5. Choose the correct answer :

Indira Gandhi National Integration Award 2013 was conferred to :

A) M.S.Swaminathan            B) Sachin Tendulkar             C) Kasturi Rangan                   D) Lata Mangeshkar

Ans :  A) M.S.Swaminathan

6. The CEO of Pepsi Co. and is one of the most powerful woman is :

A) Sheela Dixit                          B)  Seerina Williams                          C) Kiran Bedi                            D) Indra Nooyi

Ans :      D) Indra Nooyi

7. One of the coral reef areas identified for intensive conservation and management is :

A) Lakshadweep                      B) Pulicat                           C) Pamban                              D) Rameswaram

Ans : D) Rameswaram

8. Name the Nobel prize winner, who was awarded the prize, 39 years after he identified boson particle in his name >

I) Francoise Englert             II) Peter W. Higgs                     III) Martin Karplus              IV) Michael Levitt

A) I                                 B) II                                C) III                                       D) IV

Ans :   B) II     

9. The main website is trilingual in :

A) English, Hindi, Bengali

B) Urdu, Hindi,  English

C) English, Urdu, Hindi

D) English, Hindi, Tamil

Ans : B) Urdu, Hindi,  English

10. Which one of the following organization has won the Nobel Prize for the year 2013 ?

A) Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries

B) Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development

C) Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

D) Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

Ans : C) Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

11. Who is the newly appointed Chief Justice of the Jharkhand High Court ?

A) Justice Ram Jethmalani                    B) Justice Iqbal                   C) Justice R. Bhanumathi                   D) Justice Ram Shankar

Ans :     C) Justice R. Bhanumathi       

12. Who is the author of the autobiography entitled “My Journey”?

A) Pranab Mukherjee                       B) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam                        C) Manmohan Singh                    D) Kabil Sibal

Ans : B) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam   

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