TNPSC High Court Exam Answer Keys on 2014 – Part 3

1. The A, B, O blood grouping was first discovered by :

A) Landsteiner and Levine

B) Muller H.J.

C) Morgan

D) Weiner

Ans : A) Landsteiner and Levine

2. One of the main source of vitamin ‘C’ is :

A) Citrus fruits (lemon)

B) Eggs

C) Banana

D) Milk

Ans : A) Citrus fruits (lemon)

3. Arrange the following stages of meiosis – I in correct sequence.

I) Pachytene

II) Zygotene

III) Leptotene

IV) Diplotene

A) III, II,I,IV                             B) II, I, IV, III                             C) IV,I,III,II                              D) I,II,IV,III

Ans : A) III, II,I,IV

4.  The next number 3,9,27, —————————

A) 45                              B) 61                             C) 72                              D) 81

Ans : D) 81

5. If the C.I on a certain sum for 3 years at 10 % per annum be Rs. 331. What would be the simple interest ?

A) Rs. 3,000                         B) Rs. 300                          C) Rs. 30                     D) Rs. 30,000

Ans : B) Rs. 300

6. Two pipes A and B can fill a tank 10 hours and 15 hours respectively. FInd the time taken to fill the tank when both the pipes are turned on simultaneously.

A) 6 hrs.                B) 5 hrs.                   C) 30 hrs.                  D) 12 hrs.

Ans : A) 6 hrs.

7. Two cube each of volume 216 cm³ are joined to form a cuboid. The total surface area of the resulting cuboid is (in cm³)

A) 120                               B) 360                                      C) 300                              D) 240

Ans : B) 360   

8. The sum of two numbers is 187 and HCF is 17. What is the number of such pairs of numbers satisfying the above condition ?

A) One                          B) Four                          C) Five                           D) Seven

Ans : C) Five 

9. The 5th term in the series : 2/5, 6/25, 18/125,……

A) 162 / 625                             B) 81 / 3125                             C) 54 / 625                             D) 162 /3125

Ans : C) 54 / 625

10. 193 rd member of United Nations Organisation was :

A) South Sudan                         B) Zambia                             C) Turkmenistan                            D) Somalia

Ans : A) South Sudan

11. Ms. Universe of 2013 belongs to which country ?

A) Venezueula                       B) Colambia                          C) Canada                           D) Zambia

Ans : A) Venezueula

12. Who won the World Chess Championship 2013 held at Chennai ?

A) Kasparov                  B) Magnus Carlsen                        C) Topalov                       D) Gata Kamasky

Ans : B) Magnus Carlsen

13. Raman Magsaysay Award 2013 winner Habina Sarabai belongs to which country ?

A) Afganistan                          B) Japan                             C) China                             D) Pakistan

Ans : A) Afganistan      

14. The certain sum of money lent out at simple interest amounts to Rs. 690 in 3 years and Rs. 750 in 5 years . The sum lent is :

A) RS. 400                                B) Rs. 450                            C) Rs. 500                                 D) Rs. 600

Ans : D) Rs. 600

15. Which among the following sectors has the largest contribution to the Gross Domestic Saving in India ?

A) Public sector                          B) Private sector                          C) Unorganised sector               D) Household sector

Ans : B) Private sector

16. Match the following :

(A) Darwin                              a. Mutation

(B) Mendal                             b. Law of inheritance of acquired characters

(C) Lamarck                          c. Law of segregation

(D) Hygo DeVries                d. Origin of species

A)  4   3   2   1                    b) 2   1   3   4                     C) 3   4   2   1                            D) 1   3   4   2

Ans :   b) 2   1   3   4

17. Which of the following statements about Green Algae is / are true ?

I) The cells of Blue Green Algae are Prokaryotice.

II) The storage food product of Blue Green Algae is Laminarin.

III) The membrane bound plastids are absent in the cells of Blue Green Algae.

IV) Flagella are absent in the Blue Green Algae.

A) II and IV                          B) A and II                      C) II and III                           D) I, III and IV

Ans :  D) I, III and IV

18. 2 MW, in – pile loop reactor installed for nuclear fuel studies is :

I. Dhurva

II. Apsara

III. Cirus

IV) Kamini

A) I                          B) II                              C) III                               D) IV

Ans : A) I

19. The billionaire author of he series of the famous Harry Potter is :

A) J.K.Rowling                   B) Enid Blyton               C) Nancy Drew                    D) Jane Austen

Ans : A) J.K.Rowling

20. What is “Kinect” ?

I. Depth camera systems

II. Projector

III. Remote control for T.V.

IV. Message boards

A) I only                  B) I and II only                         C) III only                         D) IV only

Ans :  B) I and II only

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